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 Digital Deception: The Truth Behind AI-Generated Met Gala Images and More!

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May 22, 2024
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May 22, 2024

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    May 15/16 Issue

    AI-Generated Met Gala Celebrities

    The Met Gala was last week, May 6, 2024. It is fashion’s biggest night, and millions of people wanted to see which celebrities attended and, most importantly, which designers they were wearing.

    If you’re on social media, there’s a good chance your feed was filled with pictures from Monday night, showing all the celebrities in their fancy gowns, and over-the-top looks. It is always a variable who’s who of Hollywood’s elite. That being said, not all celebrities make it to the event every year and there were two celebrities in particular this year who did not attend, but still managed to have photos of them at the Met go viral.


    Of course, we’re talking about Katy Perry and Rihanna. Neither of these women was able to attend the Met this year, however, photos surfaced online of their “Met Gala looks”.

    AI-generated Met Gala 2024 looks of Katy Perry, Rihanna from Business Today.

    At first (and even second) glance, these photos look completely legitimate. Katy Perry is standing on the carpet in a gorgeous long floral gown and Rihanna is standing on the iconic carpet wearing a beautiful gold number. But both of these photos were created using AI!

    The photos were so convincing that Katy Perry even shared a screenshot of a text exchange she had with her mother who was surprised that she was able to attend the event.
    It is a lesson we learn all too frequently: things we see online are not necessarily real. The issue is that of course we are used to hearing this about models we see on Instagram who have tuned their photo to look flawless or about Vlogs on YouTube where people show off a small portion of their life, which is seemingly perfect.

    The AI photos of the Met Gala looks are in a new realm. They are creating a reality instead of reconstructing it. There is now “proof” for something that did not happen.
    Once again, we are reminded to be wary of all the misinformation that exists on the Internet. More than ever, it is important to check sources. And this sounds all well and good but how often are you supposed to fact check? Does a photo of a celebrity in a dress warrant fact checking? And where are you doublechecking these facts? If you simply Google the question, there’s a chance that the article you pull up could also be written with AI.

    Sources that have been around for a long time and have credibility behind their names are the ones we need to turn to in these moments. But they can’t report on everything. This is just another friendly reminder to stay savvy on the Internet and fact check particularly before spreading information to others. 

    If you want to learn more about ethical AI usage, Adrian Cropley, Founding Partner at the CSCE, was recently featured on IABC EMENA's podcast, where he discusses AI and its responsible use.

    Rachel Miller's Ground-Breaking Book Launch!

    On Thursday May 9, Sia Papageorgiou, Managing Partner at the CSCE, hosted the global launch of Internal Communication Strategy, Rachel Miller's ground-breaking new book.


    A special shoutout to everyone who joined us from around the world!


    During our discussion, we explored Rachel’s MILLER framework – and we love that the 'M' stands for mindset. It resonates so deeply with our belief that being a strategic communication professional starts with thinking like a businessperson. Rachel's approach to shifting mindsets from firefighting to focused work is exactly what we need to hear.


    Rachel's insights into the superpowers needed for internal communication professionals were enlightening, and the discussion on promoting strategic communication throughout an organisation was a highlight for many of us.


    We also tackled some tough questions, like the challenges of measuring our internal communication work, demonstrating our ROI and advocating for our strategic role within our organisations.


    To everyone who pre-submitted their questions – thank you! Your curiosity and eagerness to learn from Rachel enriched our conversation, as did the questions we received from those who joined us live. From dealing with stakeholders who undervalue internal communication, to setting up strategic communication functions, your questions covered the spectrum of our profession’s challenges.


    Rachel has kindly offered to answer the questions we didn’t get to, in a future blog post.


    If you haven’t grabbed your copy of Rachel’s new book, head over to the Kogan Page website and use the code: THECSCE for a 20% discount.


    Airbnb's Media Coverage Strategy

    Have Airbnb’s pop culture rentals caught your attention?

    The company has managed to generate many headlines by offering the Barbie Dream House, the X-Men mansion, Shrek’s Swamp, and the flying house from Pixar’s Up (2009) as rentals. But what is the purpose of recreating these iconic locations in real life?

    In a recent article by PR Daily’s Allison Carter, she suggests that Airbnb’s strategy of staying in the media is working. The article notes that the Barbie Dream House rental, which coincided with last year’s movie release, generated more media coverage than when Airbnb went public.

    Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky says it's all about staying top of mind, bringing users back to the app, and being culturally relevant. It's not just about the buzz; it shifts the narrative from controversies to the fun and glamorous side of Airbnb.

    The “icons” section on Airbnb’s site draws in users, who are then more likely to browse the platform and find their next vacation stay.


    You can read more by clicking here.

    Vantage Point with Rob Briggs

    🚨Exclusive Members Only Content 🚨

    Join us on Vantage Point as Adrian Cropley chats with CSCE Fellow Robert Briggs, a seasoned change management and internal communication professional based in Scotland. Briggs discusses the fundamental aspects of organisational trust, providing a nuanced definition of trust and emphasising the role of ethics and competence in its foundation.

    Reflecting on changes in public trust over recent years, he explores the impact of fragmented media and political climates on organisational trust. The discussion also covers the critical role of face-to-face communication in building trust, especially in remote and hybrid work environments ramped up by the COVID-19 pandemic..

    Please note that a CSCE membership is required to listen to Vantage Point.

    The Future of Communication Resourcing Debate

    The CSCE proudly presents the third #WeLeadComms Debate: The Future of Communication Resourcing.


    Are the communication roles of the future mainly going to be full-time jobs?


    Is there a growth trajectory for fractional opportunities?


    And where will consultants and freelancers fit into the mix?


    These will be among the topics discussed by this all-star panel.

    Panelists include:

    • Jane Randel, Co-Founder, CommsCollectiv
    • Travis Parman, Chief Communication Officer-US, Philip Morris International
    • Max Forsyth, Founder, Comms Search and Selection

    Ann-Marie Blake will take the moderator's baton, while Mike Klein hosts the event.

    Join us on Wednesday 5 June at 4PM London/11 AM Eastern!

    Mastering AI For Efficiency – Virtual Bootcamp

    New Dates Added!

    In an era where communication is paramount, yet time is scarce, Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerges as a powerful ally. The "Mastering AI for Efficiency’ – AI Bootcamp" is designed to unlock the potential of AI in enhancing communication efficiency and effectiveness.


    This course, divided into two, 3.5-hour modules, guides participants through the landscape of AI tools and techniques that can revolutionise the way we create, understand, and engage with content and each other. From writing assistance to speech recognition and beyond, discover how AI can transform your communication strategies, making them more impactful and effortless.

    Join CSCE Founding Partner Adrian Cropley as you explore:


    ◦ Gaining an understanding of artificial intelligence and its role in contemporary communication.

    ◦ Recognising how AI technologies are transforming the landscape of digital communication.

    ◦ Identifying and exploring a variety of AI tools for writing assistance, speech transcription, email and social communication.

    ◦ Learning the practical applications of AI in creating engaging content, including blogs, articles, and multimedia content.

    ◦ Gaining hands-on experience in integrating AI tools into personal and organisational communication strategies.

    ◦ Understanding the ethical implications and considerations of using AI in communication.

    ◦ Learning strategies for responsible use of AI, including maintaining human oversight, ensuring data privacy, and addressing bias in AI algorithms.

    ◦ Engaging in interactive discussions and workshops to foster collaborative learning and innovation.

    ◦ Discussing effective communication and why it’s important.


    This bootcamp is for all professionals, at any stage in their careers, who wish to gain more confidence in using AI for efficient communication efforts.


    Click below to learn more!

    CSCE Fellow Announcement – Mike Klein

    The Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence (CSCE) is proud to announce the appointment of Mike Klein as its newest Fellow, recognising his exemplary leadership and transformative impact in the communication profession.

    Throughout his career, Mike Klein has consistently challenged traditional communication paradigms, pioneering simpler, data-driven solutions. A US native, Mike has worked with large organisations, start-ups and NGOs in the US and Europe, authored, “From Lincoln to LinkedIn,” a book discussing the social dynamics of communication in organisations and communities, and has been one of the profession’s leading bloggers and commentators for more than two decades.

    Mike Klein has also had a significant record as an organisational leader in the profession. In 2021, he founded #WeLeadComms, a global program to celebrate initiative, courage, and leadership within the communication sector, and has developed it into a vibrant global platform where communication professionals converge to share insights and advance their careers.

    Previously, he chaired IABC’s Europe-Middle East-North Africa region and served on the boards of IABC chapters across Europe. In 2024, Klein was named a Fellow of the Institute of Internal Communication.

    Sia Papageorgiou, Managing Partner at the CSCE, shared her enthusiasm about Klein's induction, stating: “As we celebrate Mike's nomination, we are reminded of the essence of a CSCE Fellow – a visionary who empowers, educates, and inspires. Mike's journey from a strategic political consultant in the United States to an influential business communication strategist and thought leader across continents encapsulates
    his profound influence and dedication. His contributions, particularly in internal communication and strategic leadership, have not only enriched our profession's body of knowledge but have also fostered a global community dedicated to excellence, innovation, and collaboration.”

    Adrian Cropley, Founding Partner at the CSCE, added: “Mike is truly an influencer on the global stage in terms of professional communication. He has given much of his time influencing the direction of our profession and leading the profession in strategic thinking and advocacy. The work that he has done with #WeLeadComms reflects who he is as a leader in our profession, born out of his passion for promoting our profession globally through the inspiring work of individuals on every continent. He has raised the bar for how communication professionals are seen within our world.”

    As a Fellow of the CSCE, Klein will contribute his extensive training resources, further expanding the CSCE’s portfolio with innovative courses on internal communication, influence, and organisational strategy. Through his prolific writing and speaking engagements, he has emphasised the importance of transparent, authentic communication and its role in building trust between employees and management, and, crucially, the role of communication professionals as leaders in the organisations and communities in which they operate.


    Congratulations Mike!

    Welcome to the Age of Listening – With Howard Krais

    Join us on Wednesday June 18 2024, from 5:00 PM AEST | 8:00 AM BST | 9:00 AM CEST for an exclusive 90 min microlearning module.


    Following the recent launch of the book “Leading the Listening Organisation,” co-author and co-founder of True Howard Krais, in partnership with the Centre for Strategic Communication, will run a practical workshop on all things listening.

    Upcoming CSCE Events

    THRIVE Luxury Wellbeing Retreat for Business Leaders (Ubud, Bali).

    October 20 2024, 12:00 p.m. - October 26 2024, 11:00 a.m. WIT

    Join fellow communication professionals for a warm and supportive discussion about balancing the pressures of leadership, teamwork, career and more.

    June 11, 2024, 8:00 p.m. EST June 12, 10:00 a.m. AEST

    Join us for the next Communicating AI Forum.

    June 13, 2024, 8:00 p.m. EST/ June 14 10:00 a.m. AEST

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    Join us on Wednesday June 18 2024, from 5:00 PM AEST | 8:00 AM BST | 9:00 AM CEST for an exclusive 90 min microlearning module.

    Following the recent launch of the book “Leading the Listening Organisation,” co-author and co-founder of True Howard Krais, in partnership with the Centre for Strategic Communication, will run a practical workshop on all things listening.

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