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The Right Tools for the Job

Toolkits To Help You On Your Career Journey

A plan gives your communication direction and helps you prepare for a lot of what you may need to overcome in the future.

We’ve developed a suite of planning toolkits, templates and checklists to help guide your communication. We regularly add new toolkits, templates and checklists so make sure you bookmark this page and check back often.

The Internal Communication Playbook

The Internal Communication Playbook was developed to help business people inject energy and action into their organisation through effective communication. This is a practical resource that people at all levels could use as a go-to communication guide to help them experience communication as a powerful force in business; a force that ignites ideas, strengthens teams and grows businesses. 

The playbook covers everything from: the basic game rules (knowing what you can achieve, understanding your audiences and the leader’s role in communication etc.); content; interpersonal communication (engaging people, listening, tough conversations, conflict etc.); communication channels; communication skills for specific situations (presentations, change, delivering bad news etc.); measuring your communication – and more! 

Building An Effective Communication Strategy

Are you worried your communication isn’t hitting the mark or know that you need to communicate but don’t know where to start? Well, this toolkit is definitely for you.

Strategic communication doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a product of a structured planning activity that considers the internal and external environment, business needs, research, audience, stakeholders, key messages, communication channels and measurement.

Do it well and your communication efforts will drive business results, build your reputation and earn you the role of trusted advisor and business partner within your organisation.

Managing Change Communication

This toolkit explains how people are impacted by change and the emotional journey they undergo as they react and adapt to change. It illustrates how communication can make a difference and includes a number of key tools, models and templates to help with your planning and assist you to execute successful change communication.

Managing Stakeholders

Taking time to identify and understand those who are important to your project or business change initiative is an extremely worthwhile activity. Knowing who they are and how to bring them along on the journey will save time, money, energy, stress and possibly your project.

This toolkit guides you through a tried and true process for engaging with stakeholders in an effective and successful way. Our three-step process of identifying, mapping and managing stakeholders is outlined step-by-step and supported by models and templates. We’ve also included blank templates you can use for your own projects.

Calculating Communication ROI

This toolkit will help you measure the benefits your communication work has on your organisation and calculate your ROI. Our seven-step process includes tips, models, templates and case studies to help you speak the language of your executive team and convince them that the communication function is not only worth the investment, it drives business results.

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