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What Does it Mean to Work Strategically in Internal Communication?

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Apr 23, 2024
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Apr 23, 2024

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    April 17/18 Issue

    What Does it Mean to Work Strategically in Internal Communication?

    Sia Papageorgiou, the Managing Partner at the CSCE was recently featured in Rachel Miller's allthingsIC blog. Here is an excerpt from the article.

    Sia – how do you define strategic internal communication?

    At the Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence (CSCE), we define strategic internal communication as a deliberate and structured approach aimed at effectively organising and delivering communication within an organisation to drive business outcomes.

    Strategic internal communication aims to align internal communication efforts with the organisation’s goals and strategies to support its overall business objectives.

    What do you think is preventing internal communication professionals from taking a strategic approach to their work?

    That’s precisely what I aim to uncover with the survey I recently launched in partnership with Haiilo.


    When reflecting on my interactions training and coaching communication professionals globally, I’ve noticed a considerable number fail to grasp the strategic significance of their role within their organisation. Consequently, they tend to perceive their work solely in tactical terms rather than strategic ones.


    Furthermore, the pressure to achieve immediate results or meet short-term objectives often leads communication professionals to prioritise tactical tasks over strategic planning.

    Many of these professionals also lack the essential training, skills, or opportunities for professional development necessary to effectively adopt a strategic approach to their work.

    Why do you think internal communication professionals struggle to demonstrate value?

    Many internal communication professionals rely on the wrong metrics to demonstrate their value and then wonder no one respects what they do, why people keep telling them how to do their job and why they’re not viewed in the same light as other key business functions.


    If you want people to stop telling you what to do and how to do it, stop focusing on what you do (i.e., internal communication activities) and start focusing on why you do it, (i.e., to increase knowledge, change perceptions and behaviours) and who you do it for (i.e., leaders, employees etc.). Become the internal communication professional who thrives on demonstrating business results, not communication activity.

    Strategic Internal Communication is Not Just Another Buzzword

    Strategic internal communication is a powerful tool that can transform your organisation. Join us at the CSCE, in partnership with Haiilo, to explore the structured approach aimed at driving business outcomes. Discover the core elements of a strategic approach, pathways to strategic communication, and the role of AI in strategic initiatives.


    Let's work together to shape the conversation and gain access to our comprehensive report packed with actionable insights. Start your journey towards driving real results and unlocking your organization's potential.

    A View From The Top - With Charu Raizada

    In this episode, Charu Raizada, a seasoned integrated communication consultant, delves into her expansive 25-year career journey. Based in Delhi, India, Charu speaks with Adrian about her diverse experience in crisis management, ESG, and leadership communication. Charu shares her early career ambitions, her shift into public relations, and her evolution into a specialist in integrated communication.

    She highlights the importance of being a trusted partner, and staying informed and creative in communication roles. Charu's story also touches on her impactful work in corporate communication and her current dedication to the social sector, with a particular focus on women's empowerment, mental health, and sustainability initiatives.


    Here are some links to Charu's thought leadership:

      • Redefining Corporate Narratives With ESG Communications

      • Internal communications takes the driver seat

      • 'Hybridism' the new buzzword

    The Future of In-house Communication

    If you missed the latest #WeLeadComms debate, you can watch the replay here.

    This debate featured three renowned communication professionals, Travis Parman, Christine Szustaczek, and Christopher Wade, who debated the future of in-house communication, the role of the communication leader, and anticipated trends for the near future.

    The debate was moderated by Janet Hitchen and hosted by CSCE partner Mike Klein.

    Mastering AI For Efficiency – Virtual Bootcamp

    In an era where communication is paramount, yet time is scarce, Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerges as a powerful ally. The "Mastering AI for Efficiency’ – AI Bootcamp" is designed to unlock the potential of AI in enhancing communication efficiency and effectiveness.


    This course, divided into two, 3.5-hour modules, guides participants through the landscape of AI tools and techniques that can revolutionise the way we create, understand, and engage with content and each other. From writing assistance to speech recognition and beyond, discover how AI can transform your communication strategies, making them more impactful and effortless.

    Join CSCE Founding Partner Adrian Cropley as you explore:


    ◦ Gaining an understanding of artificial intelligence and its role in contemporary communication.

    ◦ Recognising how AI technologies are transforming the landscape of digital communication.

    ◦ Identifying and exploring a variety of AI tools for writing assistance, speech transcription, email and social communication.

    ◦ Learning the practical applications of AI in creating engaging content, including blogs, articles, and multimedia content.

    ◦ Gaining hands-on experience in integrating AI tools into personal and organisational communication strategies.

    ◦ Understanding the ethical implications and considerations of using AI in communication.

    ◦ Learning strategies for responsible use of AI, including maintaining human oversight, ensuring data privacy, and addressing bias in AI algorithms.

    ◦ Engaging in interactive discussions and workshops to foster collaborative learning and innovation.

    ◦ Discussing effective communication and why it’s important.


    This bootcamp is for all professionals, at any stage in their careers, who wish to gain more confidence in using AI for efficient communication efforts.


    Click below to learn more!

    Upcoming CSCE Events

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    Internal Communication in the Age of AI

    Friend of the CSCE, Monique Zytnik, has written a new book that will answer many profound questions about internal communication in the Age of AI.


    Bombarded by new technology and unsure where artificial intelligence will take us? Asking yourself how this will impact communication at scale in your organisation? How can you best harness this power for business success?

    Companies and projects are at risk. Effective strategic internal communication will attract, engage, align, and retain your people to weather this storm of change. It will help them adopt new technologies.

    But how can you tell if your strategy will succeed? What questions should you ask?


    Internal Communication in the Age of Artificial Intelligence reveals a modern, multilayered approach to internal communication. It’s a practical guide for business leaders and communication professionals, filled with global case studies, behind-the-scenes insights, and stories from industry experts. You’ll learn what basics must be done brilliantly, how to engage with communities, and why a new immersive communication mindset is needed to prepare you for the future.


    Use code MONIQUE20 to save 20% when pre-ordering this insightful new resource. 

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