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Putting The Strategy Back Into Our Tactics

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    We are all guilty of it. We get caught in the never-ending communication to-do lists. We get stuck in the churn. And as a result of churning out deliverable after deliverable we can often lose sight of the why – of the strategy part of strategic communications. “We have done this event a thousand times. …

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    About The Author

    Megan Wolfinger
    Although technically born a millennial, Megan feels more like a Gen X-er at heart given that computers weren't used for anything more than playing hangman until she got to junior high. Her time working in a number of settings including non-profit, post-secondary, corporate and government environments has taught her three things: employees are an organization's most valuable asset; people want to know that you care more than they care what you know; and comic sans is an acceptable font for a birthday invitation and not much else. Megan calls the Saskatchewan prairies of Canada home and is the proud mother of a three-year-old son and baby daughter.
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