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Be a CSCE Fellow (FCSCE)

The CSCE awards fellowships to members for impact and outstanding contribution to the global communication profession. 

Our fellows are leaders within the profession and play a key role within the CSCE to support our values, help develop and mentor other CSCE members, uphold ethics in the communication profession, provide insight and advocate for best practices.

You must be a member (MCSCE), graduate member (GCSCE) or Fellow (FCSCE) to make a nomination. The nominee or yourself if self-nominating, must be a graduate member of the Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence (GCSCE) and be able to provide evidence of:

Outstanding contribution and positive impact as demonstrated by:

Maintaining Your CSCE Fellow Designation

To maintain your CSCE Fellow designation, you must remain an active member of the CSCE in good standing with a commitment to advocate and share your knowledge and energy to create a better world through communication. If you retire you get to keep your designation and be listed in our Hall of Fame.

Nominate Your Fellow

The CSCE awards the fellow designation to members for outstanding contributions to the communication profession globally. 

A CSCE Fellow helps promote ethics, integrity, and professionalism within the communication profession and are advocates for continuous learning, and development. They hold invaluable experience in communication, leadership and business practice and can provide unique insights into the issues facing communication professionals around the world.

CSCE Fellows have demonstrated outstanding contributions and positive impact on our profession and have shown clear advocacy within the profession or wider global community to strategic communication principles and practices.

As a CSCE Fellow, you will gain your FCSCE post-nominal demonstrating your esteem within a global network of communication professionals. You will get to join a quarterly forum of other fellows to discuss issues and trends changing our world of communication and inform the curriculum for the CSCE. You will receive greater opportunities to provide insights, take part in mentorship programs and elevate your career or business through the global work of the CSCE.

CSCE Fellowship Nomination Process

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