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George Gkioulekas


George Gkioulekas, MSc. might be living in Cyprus but is making a significant impact on the world through strategic communication as a leader in strategic risk and crisis management. George is a Fellow and Chairman of the Mediterranean Chapter of the Institute of Strategic Risk Management. He has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to advancing the understanding and capabilities  of strategic risk and crisis management throughout the Mediterranean region. He is dedicated to promoting proper strategic communication and understands the pivotal role  communication plays in mitigating and managing risks effectively. Through various programs and  initiatives, he has worked tirelessly to enhance the strategic communication skills of professionals in the  field, ultimately strengthening the overall resilience of organisations operating in the Mediterranean region. 

We are very pleased to welcome George as a Fellow of the Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence  and know that he will be a role model to many professionals in adopting strategic communication  management as an integral part of their role. 

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