Strategic Communication Management 2: Strategic Advisor (Centurion)

Continue to build your value as a strategic advisor and explore how you influence the business and those around you.

Course description:

This one-day course continues to build your value as a strategic advisor as we explore how you influence the business and the people around you. Build your listening, advising and insight abilities with a number of useful tools and templates. The course covers a multidisciplinary approach to communication.

What to expect:

  • Step up your strategic approach in a changing stakeholder environment
  • Understand and develop your leadership capability
  • Build great relationships and get the best out of people
  • Develop your consulting skills
  • Influence others and build your strategic advisory skills

Who should attend:

Professionals working in strategic communication, corporate communication, internal communication, external communication, corporate affairs or public relations. Those leading teams, projects, or having to influence others within the organisation.

Career Level: Generalist/Specialist, Strategic Advisor, Business Leader

Course outline:

Stepping up your strategic approach in a changing stakeholder environment

  • Advising the business using the client relationship model
  • A new approach to strategic communication
  • State of trust and the context of relationships
  • Using audience insight to inform your strategy

Understanding and developing your leadership capability

  • Exploring your leadership profile and the profile of others you work with
  • How to continue building strong relationships and influencing others

Building great relationships and getting the best out of people

  • Emotional intelligence and the emotional competence framework
  • Coaching skills, giving and receiving feedback
  • Having tricky conversations

Develop your consulting skills

  • Three levels of listening
  • The power of questions
  • Taking the brief and understanding how to use this insight to inform your approach

Influencing others and building your strategic advisory skills

  • Understanding others, the various viewpoints
  • Power of influence using Logos, Ethos and Pathos
  • Understand why people come to you for advice and how you build your value
  • Be seen as the strategic advisor or trusted business partner in your organisation
  • Keep people coming back and understand where you can make the biggest impact on driving the business

About the trainer

Amanda Hamilton-Attwell ABC, IABC Fellow

Dr Amanda Hamilton Attwell was the first woman in Africa to be awarded a Doctorate in Communication Science. Over the last 34 years, Amanda has taught, coached and mentored thousands of communication professionals. She has worked with hundreds of organisations to demonstrate the value of strategic communication and has delivered significant business results for her clients. Originally a journalist and a lecturer at the University of South Africa, Amanda has spent most of her career conducting communication and organisational research at the National Productivity Institute in Pretoria. In 2000 she started Business DNA as a communication and organisational research group. As her client base grew she extended her services to include training and implementation solutions. She specialises in stakeholder research, measuring communication ROI, communication audits, communication structure, facilitation of strategic planning, communication professional development and the design and implementation of communication campaigns specifically to address absenteeism, unsafe behaviour and poor production. She has served on numerous community and industry boards and committees. She was a board member of the Gauteng Chamber of Commerce and Industry for several years, is the past president of the Northern Areas Chapter and deputy president of the Africa Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).

Available Dates:

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